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Conn B Flat Custom, with built in stopping mute bell


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Conn Single Bb JS
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This one of a kind customized Conn Single Bb horn is a part of history. If you notice in the pictures there is a photo of a patent applied for in 1929. This is the horn that patent was applied for. It was made for a member of the Cleveland Orchestra (thus the reason it is a Conn, as they played 8Ds at that time). It has fabulous compression of 0.9. So, despite the fact that the evidence of it's manufacturing is quite visible in the way one can see all the results of the wiping of excess solder, this horn is a blast to play. To be able to switch instantly from open to stopped horn on fast passages is rare and heady - even more so since the timbre is immediately stopped-horn-perfection.

It's made of unlacquered yellow brass. The stopping bell can be removed via thumb screws. Physically it is in very good condition with very few minor dents. 

King Fixed Bell case is included.