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Conn 8D (Eastlake) #843730 PW


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Conn 8D (Eastlake) #843730 PW
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Everyone has heard a Conn 8D in their lives even if they didn't realize it. They represent the 'American' horn sound and are still played in the movie soundtrack industry.  This is an Eastlake 8D with GREAT compression (0.5) and it's in good condition at a great price.

The horn is made of lacquered nickel silver with a detachable bell (Lawson/Alexander ring).  An Alexander flipper/ducksfoot has been added for comfort - it takes the weight of the horn off of your pinky finger and places it against the knuckle making it much more stable to hold for long periods of time.  Finger pads have been soldered to the levers as well - these are all expensive upgrades. There are some minor dings and scratches in the lacquer but nothing unexpected.  
Perfect horn for a rising college player!

Conn  Fixed Bell case included.