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Briz 2000SC #8201 NG


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Briz 2000SC #8201 NG
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Briz horns rarely come up for re-sale, especially the much sought after custom series.  These horns are built with seamed tubing for all the tapered parts, and then are hand hammered.  It's a labor intensive process but the final product is a rich sound that you'll only find on custom horns which cost more than double this amount.  This horn is made of unlacquered yellow brass and is all original.  The compression is perfect at 0.1 and I could not find a single ding anywhere on it.  Ignore the tarnish - that happens to all unlacquered instruments (AND - ignore that piece of foam paper that I accidentally left in the picture in the 3rd slide area).  This is the same model horn that I used for the final 5 years or so of my horn playing career.  All this - plus it comes with the Briz version of the MB1 case.

To try these horns is to fall in love with them!