Baldwin, Daniel - Big Sky Country

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Baldwin Big Sky
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Daniel Baldwin - Big Sky Country for Horn Choir. $28.00. Imagine Music Publishing.

From the composer:

In 2006, I was with my friend, Jeffrey Powers, at a regional horn conference. One evening we were out to dinner discussing some of his experiences playing in orchestras abroad. At the end of the conversation, he made the statement, “I enjoyed the experience, but was so glad to get back to big sky country.” That was the true birth of this piece. I filed away that statement, always intending it to be the title for a piece for horn choir.

My opportunity came a few years back when Peter Kurau and the Eastman Horn Choir asked me to write a piece for them. I jumped at the opportunity, but was unhappy with the way the piece turned out. Upon being accepted to present a recital of horn choir music at the International Horn Symposium inAugust of 2015, I pulled the piece back out and completely rewrote and revised it. The piece transformed before my eyes into a beautiful and broad celebration of horn choir sonority.

Big Sky Country is dedicated to my friend Jeff Powers.