Baldwin, Daniel - Rashomon for Solo Unaccompanied Horn

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Baldwin Rashomon
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Rashomon for Solo Unaccompanied Horn by Daniel Baldwin.

Publisher - Imagine Music

"Rashomon literally means "castle gate" and was the gate to the city of Heian-Kyo (Kyoto). It was built in 784 AD to be a frontage for Emperor Kammu's new capital and was hailed as one of the most spectacular gates to the city because of its size and brilliantly painted and tiled dÌ_å©cor. There have also been several fascinating stories about the gate such as the story of Shudendoji, the "demon of Rasho gate" who was known as the monster who carried off all the most beautiful maidens in the city. In this short span of music, Baldwin has conveyed the essence of Rashomon and the feelings brought about  by the stories of this famed gate."