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Yamaha YHR 861D #01031


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Yamaha 861D 01031 MH
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My jaw dropped when I saw this horn.  I played this same model for over 10 years of my professional career.  It's an unlacquered all original Yamaha YHR-861.  This is probably THE horn model that propelled Yamaha to Horn Making Stardom.  It's in astounding condition and has perfect compression.  It's as if it was in a time warp!  The serial number means that it was only the 31st horn of this model that they made.  These horns are so easy to play!  The former principal horn of the Boston Symphony Orchestra used one as his main horn while in tenure there.  An amazing find and an AMAZING playing horn.

Yamaha detachable bell case included if desired (they are heavy and shipping instruments in them can sometimes be risky)