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Wallendorf, Klaus - Willisabethan Sarahnade, 5 pieces for 2 horns

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Wallendorf Sarahnade
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Wallendorf, Klaus
Willisabethan Sarahnade for 2 Horns
für 2 Hörner

WILLISabethan SARAHnade 
Sarah Willis and I have spent the past couple of decades on a deliciously 
wild journey together, both musically and geographically. 
The pieces in this little collection of horn duets have been inspired by the 
odyssey I embarked upon with this wondrous woman, marking particular high 
points of our mutual quest for instrumental transcendence. 
Only high points, you ask? Of course. 
How could there possibly have been anything else?? 
The P Duet, for example, came into being in the village of Cumnor near 
Oxford, of all places, and is, well, a homage, I suppose, to Sarah's now 
obsolete habit endearing as it was (to me) (since no one else ever seemed to 
hear it) of constantly starting her otherwise magical horn tones with a 
little explosive attack. 
Gozo fan tutte and Xlendrian are dedicated to Gozo, an island neighbouring 
Malta, to a particularly secluded bay of which we subjected their world 
premieres & to an unusually attentive audience consisting entirely of 
The letter "x" is, in those parts, pronounced "sch", and the piece lasts 
exactly as long as one requires to find out what Schlendrian's means & 
Agia Galini is an enchanting little village in the south of Crete where I 
filled the occasional pauses for breath between writing postcards by penning 
this duet. In case of doubt: this work exists purely for our mutual pleasure 
and makes no demands of consideration on the musicological community 
whatsoever. While lazing around on the Mediterranean island My Yorker I 
composed this little ditty in order to escape the inexorable grasp of Otto 
Nicolai's horn duets, which we have, in the cause of steeling our 
embouchures, spent the last 27 years (as of 2017) honking for everybody and 
nobody all around the globe. 
We can get round these works like no one else and so it should remain. HA! 
Klaus Wallendorf