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Wallendorf, Klaus - Lippenbluten 'Lip Flowers'

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Wallendorf Lippenbluten
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Wallendorf, Klaus

Lip flowers

for 4 horns

Klaus Wallendorf was a horn player with the Berlin Philharmonic for many years.
During this period he
arranged and composed numerous pieces for the horn players of the Berlin Philharmonic.
Some of these pieces have also been released on CD.
In addition, he has performed frequently with Sarah Willis

Coral prelude
plane Waltz
Four hearts in the two-quarter time
for Helmut
Mambo for Beethoven years

He writes about these pieces:
The following six cheerful little piece
I have to Meret, Bjarne, Jacob and Bruno
wrote, all horn student of Aya
Wilde in the City West music school in Berlin.
The sentence Für Helmut gives you the
to invent interesting noises on the horn. You
should also celebrate singing a little. It can
sound nice and weird, but it has to be done with a serious expression
Marshland - the term
for alluvial land created from the sea
- could be an invented land in which people
like to march. The plane waltz
is so named because our music school is located in Berlin's
plane avenue. The coral
prelude is jokingly based on the chorale prelude.
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