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Varsanyi, Miklos - Horn Studies for the First Years

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Varsanyi Hornschule
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Varsanyi, Miklós (Fremerey) Horn School 
for the first years


extended reprint of the successful Horn School by Miklós Varsanyi 

now with preschool, that is, the school starts with a simple 
beginning part and is therefore suitable for early starters. 
The technical exercises are now extended to the deeper position. 

Extensive school (140 pages), with many songs, duets, 
études blow-in exercises, pictures, etc. 

Explanations to the horn play and to the plays 

depending on how fast the pupil (the pupil) progresses, 
the school can be used for several years, pupils the progressing more slowly 
you can repeat already played pieces 
to deepen newly acquired knowledge of old familiar 

highly recommended

the pieces with piano accompaniment in this school are included in the album 
"Lectures for French Horn and Piano" by Miklos Varsanyi