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Thein Corno da caccia #2066


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Thein Corno da caccia #2066 BH
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This is an amazing little instrument.  At first glance you'd think 'this is really cute' but then you notice that it's a very VERY high end serious instrument.  Hand made in Bremen, Germany this is a Corno da caccia.  It's in perfect condition made of silver plated brass.  This one has the optional tuning lever throws AND can be played in Bb or A.  It comes with 2 mouthpieces that are designed to be used with this horn.  They have a trumpet shank but a 'horn style' rim so either a trumpeter or hornist could use this.  This is the type of instrument one would use on the Mahler Posthorn solo or even the Mozart Posthorn serenade along with so many of Bach's pieces.

Custom case made for this instrument included.  The compression is perfect at 0.1 and 2 of the rotors have been ported so that the tuning throw can be done effortlessly.

Here are the specs:

Technical specifications

  • Valves: 4 Rotary valves
  • Bore: 11.50 mm / 12.00 mm, 0.453” / 0.472”
  • Bell-ø: 180 mm / 7-5/64”
  • Bell rim: french
  • Wall thickness: 0.45 mm / 0.018”
  • Material:yellow brass
  • Lead pipe:    changeable, lead pipe for Bb, lead pipe for A, trumpet shankFinish: