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Schubert, Franz - 25 Landler und Walzer for 4 Horns, arr. Andres Marques

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Schubert 25 Landler
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Schubert, Franz (Arr. Andre Marques)

25 landlords and waltzes

for 4 horns

Schubert at the piano, some friends and connoisseurs
gathered in the small, cozy room , good music and a good atmosphere, in short a Schubertiade in such
a situation, we can
well imagine the composer's numerous countrymen and waltzes These wonderful little pieces offer
plenty of opportunity to make music together happily and are
therefore perfect for transferring to the horn quartet, where
the focus is on playing experience and joy.
This collection is intended to do just that; easily playable and
catchy movements, selected by the arranger from various compilations of
Schubert's länders and waltzes (for piano) and (in favor of the
Location) have been adjusted in key almost everywhere.
We wish you a lot of fun and hope to
make this beautiful music a little better known among horn players with this edition .