Single Horns

Geyer Single Bb with stopping valve and F extension

Horns by Carl Geyer
Single Bb horn
Price: $3,200.00

I wasn't certain whether I should list this horn in the 'specialty' section.  Though this horn is a single Bb horn it has a built in F extension valve which allows for all the pedal notes on the F horn - AND, it has a stopping valve as well.  When I began playing extra with the Boston Symphony I noticed that many of the players there owned this model and they would pull them out for the smaller 'chamber' pieces.  These horns sound great, and due to their lightness they play with ease.  Across 5 valves the compression rating is 3.9

Conn Fixed Bell case included.

Geyer Single F with Eb valve

Geyer Single F with Eb extension; Geyer Single F horn
Geyer Horn for sale; Geyer Single horn for sale
Geyer Engraving; Gorgeous Geyer engraving
Price: $3,495.00

This Single F Geyer is gorgeous.  It's been in storage for many many years, and has had just one owner.  The $3500 price is 'high' for a single F horn - but the bell on this instrument is in such amazing condition that if you own a Geyer with a worn out bell you will want to purchase this instrument simply for the bell - OR, if you're a collector, this is a one of a kind horn.  I've never seen another one - ever!  Original Geyer Case included.

Guppy #3.6 out of 8  (#1 is what a brand new custom horn registers.  The higher the number the worse the compression)

Kruspe Single F (Eb Slide incl)

Kruspe Single F/Eb horn; Kruspe French Horn
Single French Horn - Kruspe ; Single F/Eb Kruspe Horn
Kruspe Engraving
Price: $2,000.00

This lacquered yellow brass Kruspe includes the original slide to convert the horn to Eb.  The engraving of the 'flying eagle' on the bell is gorgeous.  This horn can be played as is, or if someone has a Kruspe in need of a new flare - this is it!  NO case.

Olds Single F Horn (in like new condition)

Olds Single F
Olds French Horn Single F
Price: $995.00

Get out of that 'rent to own' contract right now.  By the time you've paid off that Chinese single horn you'll have spent more than most good quality double horns.  Buy this Olds Single F - and when you're finished with it, it'll be worth close to what you paid for it, or perhaps even more.

This horn is in magnificent condition - I could not find a single dent or ding on it.

Fixed bell case included.

Sansone 5 Valve Single Bb $3000

Sansone 5 Valve Single Bb $3000
Price: $3,000.00

Fixed Bell, Lacquered, with Muting Valve, F Extension Valve, and Schmid Style Handrest (This is probably where Schmid got the idea!). A good horn for opera, or lighter chamber music. $3000

Schmid Single Bb w/muting valve

Engelbert Schmid Single Bb horn with muting valve
Used Engelbert Schmid Single Bb with muting valve
Price: $5,200.00

I'm amazed everytime I pick up this Engelbert Schmid Single Bb horn how light it is.  If you've got a nice Opera gig, or any chamber music to play THIS is the horn to do it with.  It has great compression with a measurment of 1.1 on the testing machine.  It's made of lacquered yellow brass with a hand hammered Medium flare WITH a garland.

Flat case is included.

Yamaha YRH 314 #7155

Yamaha YHR 314 Single Horn
Used Yamaha YHR 314
Price: $995.00

This single horn by Yamaha is in very good condition with only a few minor dings.  The current price on these is over $2100.  This one is being sold for only $995.  The valve compression is 1.1 (excellent).  A mouthpiece is included.  This is a complete set up for a budding horn player.  Save that $1200 and put it towards a great teacher instead!!

Yamaha Fixed Bell Case included.