Hand Guards & Straps

Neotech Brass Wrap Handguard For Horn

  • Neotech Brass Wrap Handguard For Horn
Price: $6.45

Neotech French Horn Brass Wrap Neotech's French Horn Brass Wrap ™. Great for marching bands or for performers who play in long gigs. The Neoprene Brass Wrap™ fits snugly on your French horn so that you get a firm and comfortable grip while protecting the finish from hand moisture and oils. The non-slip backing keeps your Brass Wrap securely in place while velcro fasteners allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning or storage. The ultra-comfortable pad reduces grip-fatigue and makes playing for long periods a pleasure, not a pain.

Leather Specialties Universal Handguard Lace Up Model

  • French Horn; Hand Guard; Leather Specialties
Price: $23.00

The Universal Handguard covers the two or three tubes portion of the lead pipe section that your left hand grips. Most French Horn Guards have a slot for the stock finger hook so you can position the guard in its proper place. It is made of the finest quality American leather and of course has our Tripotec Layering System to keep the finish clean and protected from moisture and acids. All guards are handmade here at the shop and inspected before we package them to insure we maintain the high quality our customers are used to in Leather Specialties Guards.  - Leather - Black

Leather Specialties Horn Holding Strap (Velcro)

  • Leather Specialties Horn Holding Strap (Velcro)
Price: $23.00

The velcro horn strap by Leather Specialties is for the player who wants to try a hand strap without marring the finish of their horn. The Clebsch and Alexander Straps both require soldering an 'anchor' on to the horn. This is an inexpensive way to see if this is the route for you to take. Try one of these before you solder on a duckfoot or a permanent hand strap.

Cost: $23.00

Leather Specialties Hand Guards

  • Leather Specialties Hand Guards
Price: $23.00

This is the only model of handguards that I carry in my shop - and there is a good reason why. The are made of the finest glove leather and have that all-important layer of plastic fabric between layers to keep persipartion from coming in contact with you horn. How many old Conn 8-d's have you seen with deep pitting? That is from sweat coming in contact with the nickel where the lacquer was chipped or worn. Handguards for almost all models in stock.


Cost: $23.00

Dürk Organic Handstrap

  • Duerk Handstrap
Price: $65.00

Not only is this handstrap crafted with the same quality found on all Dürk horns it is 'Environmentally Friendly' as well.  Feel 'good' in 2 ways!

-Material: Leather (biological tanned and dyed; free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and organic solvents)

Soldering plate -Material: nickel

-Color: Black

-Weight: 40g

Dürk Organic 'Sound Protector' Black Leather

  • Duerk Sound Protector
  • Hand guard designed to protect the sound by Duerk
  • Dürk Sound Protector
Price: $39.95

Some players prefer not to have any products attached to their horn in order to keep the response and vibration as 'pure' as possible.  This 'Sound Protector' is an ingenious way to acheive this while protecing the instrument from the perspiration which often can damage the lacquer.  Made in from Organic materials in an Environmentally Friendly manner.

Duerk Hand Guard (Organic Materials)

  • Duerk Handguard
Price: $32.00

Made with the craftsmanship found on all Duerk products this handguard (available for the D3/Alexander 103, or Geyer style horns) is made from certified organic materials in an environmentally friendly manner.  Specify your horn model!
-Material: Leather (biologically tanned and dyed; free of heavy metals, formaldehyde or organic solvents)

-Color: Black

-Weight: 20g

Clebsch Strap For Horn

  • Clebsch Strap For Horn
Price: $50.00


Hans Clebsch, Hornist in the Cleveland Orchestra, has designed a hand strap that won't stretch. Other models by other makers I have had in the past were made of a much thinner quality leather which would stretch to the point of having to unsolder and move the anchor to which the handguard attaches. These Handguards have five eyelets which allow six different positions of the guard on the anchor (which must be soldered to your horn) - so you know you'll find just the right one for your horn and hands.

Cost: $50.00

Alexander Hand Strap For Horn

  • Alexander Hand Strap For Horn
Price: $60.00

Made of very fine rolled glove leather these hand straps are unbelievably comfortable on your hand. Extra eyelets allow for adjusting the strap to the correct tightness on your hand. This is the only make of permanent strap that fits on Schmidt and some Alexander horns.

Cost: $60.00