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Neotech Brass Wrap Handguard For Horn


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Neotech Handguard
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Neotech French Horn Brass Wrap Neotech's French Horn Brass Wrap ™. Great for marching bands or for performers who play in long gigs. The Neoprene Brass Wrap™ fits snugly on your French horn so that you get a firm and comfortable grip while protecting the finish from hand moisture and oils. The non-slip backing keeps your Brass Wrap securely in place while velcro fasteners allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning or storage. The ultra-comfortable pad reduces grip-fatigue and makes playing for long periods a pleasure, not a pain. Brass Wrap ™ insulates your hand in both cold and hot weather while protecting against moisture. You're always assured a secure grip. Brass Wraps can be washed in mild detergent and laid flat to dry. Not for use with Alexander 103's or horns with a similar bracing structure, or horns with a Schmid style hand rest.

Cost: $6.45