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Paxman 40X #1751X


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Pax40X 1761X
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One of the problems many people have when they play descant horns is that they sound overly bright on the high F side of the horn.  This model 40X solves that issue because it is their 'Extra Large' size.  A gorgeous dark tone on both sides of the horn is easy to achieve.  The other amazing benefits of this horn is that an F extension was later added (at the Paxman factory) so in essence you have a light weight triple horn with a stopping valve as well.  The compression is PERFECT due to a complete valve rebuild.
The horn was made in 1975 and does have a lot of lacquer loss, and dings here and there, but due to the tight valves it plays fabulously.
Just cleaned and ready to go.
Paxman fixed bell case included.