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Paxman 40M #1085-- OP


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Paxman 40M #1085-- OP
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I'm a HUGE fan of the older style Paxman descant and triple horns.  This horn felt like 'home' for me in that it was so similar to my Medium bore triple (also made by Paxman).  The compression is astounding at 0.2 which means that the horn slots gorgeously.  The medium bore provides a stunning 'core' to the sound (think of those London Horn sound recordings - and you'll get the idea).  This horn is made of unlacquered yellow brass.  It was owned by the principal horn of one of America's foremost orchestras and he took great care of it.  The bell was cut using a Lawson/Alexander ring (thus the missing last number or two of the serial number), but having an Alexander/Lawson ring is a big 'positive' in that you will always be able to find flares which you can try out on the horn should you want to.  There are only tiny dings here and there, and no evidence of any former repairs other than the addition of a guard by the thumb lever to protect the inside of the bell tail.  The horn is unlacquered - thus the tarnish.

A Paxman detachable bell case is included.