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Paxman 40M #10865 NA


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Paxman 40M #10865 NA
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Paxman set the standard for descant and triple horns - they are found in almost every single orchestra world wide.  I recall hearing the Vienna Phil playing Shostakovich 5th symphony and was eagerly waiting to hear the high solo on the Vienna horns they play, but to my surprise the principal player set his Vienna horn down and grabbed his Paxman 40 and played the solo gorgeously.  Who would blame him??  Use the right tool for the job.  These horns make high playing MUCH more secure.  This one has great compression (1.1) and that is across 5 valves! The stopping valve can be potentially expanded to be made into an F extension if desired.

This horn is made of lacquered yellow brass.  It's all original with an added Alexander duck foot.  There is evidence of a repaired twist in the bell tail but all is round and the horn plays great.  The 'M' in the model designates that it is the Medium bell flare/tail size which ensures a LOT of power.

A Brazilian copy of the MB5 is included.