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Paxman 40L #38024 ADS


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Paxman 40L #38024 ADS
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Paxman pretty much 'owns' the descant market.  Their model 40 is the professional standard in descant horns worldwide.  This horn was professionally owned and played.  It's  unlacquered yellow brass.  A duck's foot has been added, the levers all have extensions on them for comfort, and the valves have great compression (0.9).  The bell is detachable with a Paxman ring.  Being a 'Large Bore' model means that you'll have an easier time matching the High F side of the horn to the Bb side.  Lastly, there is a stopping valve for easy in tune gestopf playing.  It's tarnished and has many dings here and there but nothing major. Once you've tried a descant horn, especially a model 40, you'll kick yourself for not doing so a LOT earlier in life.  
Reunion Blues gig bag included.