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Houser Mouthpieces - Underpart (Two-Piece)


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The Houser Mouthpiece, Two-Piece Underpart: Bowl + Shank. Please Note: This cup requires a screw rim to be a complete mouthpiece. $110.00.


  • The Houser "San Francisco Model" is used by the horn section of the San Francisco Symphony and is based on the time-tested, bowl-shaped cup design that has been found to be most compatible with Geyer-style horns. Its design can be traced back to mouthpieces made by Carl Geyer himself and offers quick response and evenness throughout all registers. It provides a rich, complex tone in lower dynamics and plenty of brilliance and projection when played loud. This allows the player access to a wide variety of tone color possibilities without sacrificing response and flexibility.
  • Depth = Medium
  • Standard Rim: