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Conn 8D (Elkhart) #978119 DC


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Conn 8D (Elkhart) #978119 DC
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This astounding 8D was made in 1962!  900,000 series are highly sought after and this one has perfect compression (0.1) due to a recent valve rebuilding.  It's all original (with the exception of an added Clebsch strap) - and that is rare! Usually horns of this era have patches and replaced parts, but not this one!  There are NO thin spots, and there is no evidence of any damage in the flare where your hand sits, again, most 8D's have suffered damage there.  The lacquer has the usual pitting and there are a few tiny dings (esp where from rapid mute insertions! ;) ).  This is a classic 8D from their heyday era where Conn was King and the American horn sound was born.
BIG dark powerful sound.  There aren't many left like this!

Original 1960's Conn case included.