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Cantesanu Cup


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Cantesanu Cup
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Felix Cantesanu was on the search for the perfect mouthpiece to fit his horn's qualities; eventually he gave up looking elsewhere and decided to design one that fits his horn and ideals. The initial goal was a mouthpiece that doesn't back-up in the high register as he found most mouthpieces do. The Model C mouthpiece is the result of a lot of trials and research, and fortunately it came out even better than expected!  This mouthpiece is quick responding and free blowing throughout all ranges and dynamics, with a rich, projecting sound. Designed initially for myself, the mouthpiece attracts a lot of attention as it matches well with many types of horns.

For convenience and comfort, the mouthpiece is a two-piece construction. The cup is made of silver-plated Brass. The design of the cup is somewhat unconventional; on the outside it has a shape that brings most of the metal mass closer to the top, and on the inside it features a marriage of both a cup & a funnel shape - a fairly shallow, fast responding cup that maintains a deep, rich sound.  The rim is also silver-plated but made of Nickel-Silver as I wanted a denser material to accentuate the cup's design. There are 5 different sizes available for the rim that fit the cup - for now only one design for the rim contour, with more designs to be available soon.

Schilke is a company known for quality, with a tradition in mouthpiece making. I've partnered up with them to have each Model C mouthpiece manufactured to a high standard. CNC machining and real mouthpiece making experience ensures each one plays exactly the same.


  • Thread type: 3/4" - 36 RH (Giardinelli Standard)
  • Cup - 14 size bore, top inner diameter .679" (17.24mm)

Rim inner diameters:

  • XS - .680" (17.27 mm)
  • S    - .690" (17.52mm)
  • M   - .698" (17.72 mm)
  • L    - .708" (17.98 mm)
  • XL - .720" (18.28 mm)