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Alexander 103 PK


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Alexander 103 PK
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This Alexander 103 has PERFECT compression due to a complete (very expensive!) valve rebuild.  That means that the horn will do much of the 'work' for you.  Leaky valves make a horn hard to center and tiring to play.  This one still sports a fixed belll, a gold brass leadpipe, and an Alexander flipper (for comfort).  There are 6 patches/guards in various places on the horn (the owner obviously loved this horn!), but the area where the hand sits in the flare is completely intact and there is lots of brass there.  no thin spots.  The brace that goes between the valve section and the bell tail (under the levers) has been changed.  The leadpipe taper is European so you will need a Euro-shank mouthpiece.  Get that Berlin sound with this horn - at a very affordable price.  
Protec fixed bell case included.