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Yamaha YHR-871 DUL #001725 MP


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Yamaha YHR-871 DUL #001725 MP
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The model 871 is an example of Yamaha going back to it's roots.  The 871 hearkens back to the YHR 861 (which I played for about 10 years of my career).  It's a 'true' Geyer wrap and it's stunningly well crafted.  This one is made of unlacquered yellow brass and has perfect compression (0.1).  It's all original and is only 2.5 years young.  The previous player barely touched it! (well, there are a couple of tiny,,tiny dings ;)  ) but honestly, it wasn't played much at all.  New, these are about $1000 more expensive AND this one comes with a 'like new' Marcus Bonna MB5C-hi compact case. (That's a $550 value!).

I'm a huge fan of the Yamaha horns - especially the custom series!


MB5C case included