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Yamaha YHR 871, 871D, 871U, 871DU, 871DUAX


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The YHR 871 is a 'nod' to Yamaha's successful line of custom horns of the past, specifically the YHR 861.  This is a 'true' Geyer style instrument with all new tapers.  You've GOT to check this horn out!  


The new YHR-871D is the most dramatic change to the Yamaha horn lineup in decades. Utilizing the much sought-after YHR-861 as a benchmark, the new 871 was crafted with input from top artists from around the world. The goal was to facilitate even the most discerning players in reaching their ultimate level of expression and artistry while still maintaining legendary Yamaha consistency. Blending authentic, traditional designs with modern technology has resulted in a Yamaha horn with tonal characteristics that span the entire spectrum of sound, from a rich, centered sound with depth and warmth to a lively, responsive sound that stands out when needed. 

- Authentic “Geyer Type” Wrap 

- Newly Designed Gold Brass Leadpipe and hollow style 4th rotor gives  greater sound character in all ranges. 

- Thicker Rim Wire helps create a beautiful, rich tone.  

- Nickel Silver Valve Casing for better response and durability. 

- Larger Bore Size, including gold brass inner tubes and brass rotary valve caps, help deliver rich, deep sound.


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