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Yamaha YHR 862 #001666 MH


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Yamaha YHR 862 #001666 MH
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Yamaha burst onto the 'Professional Horn' scene in the early 1980's with the introduction of their famed trio the: 861, 862 and the 863.  The 862 was designed to be a custom answer to the Conn 8D.  It was a huge success and to this day the following designs incorporated aspects of the 862.  This horn is made of unlacquered nickel It is all original and has a compression reading of 2.1.  There are almost now dents, it has been professionally maintained.  There is a protective guard added on the inside of the bell tail by the thumb lever.  The horn does not have any thin spots and it's ready to go.  Few of these still exist in a fixed bell state - many players prefer them this one.  If you've played an 8D you'll find this to be like a breath of fresh air due to the ease with which it plays and the consistent intonation.

An Eastman fixed bell case is included.