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Yamaha Horn Mouthpieces (Standard)


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Standard Series

Model No.Rim Inner Diameter (mm)Throat
HR-29B 17.07 3.90 Fairly thick rim with a relatively small inner diameter for superior high tone. Medium throat for easy all-around playing.
HR-29C4 17.08 3.98 Ideal for Bb/HF horns. Relatively sharp shoulder and medium throat for clear tone.
HR-29D4 16.88 4.50 Double-cup combining medium and extra-deep “V” cups. Fairly small inner diameter, but with a large throat for rich tone.
HR-30B 17.27 3.90 Standard “V” cup model with a larger inner rim diameter than the 29B. Smooth airflow. Ideally matches horns with a very narrow bell.
HR-30C4 17.28 3.98 Medium inner rim diameter and “U” cup for fast response. Standard type with ideal resistance and powerful, rich tone.
HR-30D4 17.08 4.50 Exceptionally rich tone. Matches horns with a wide bell. Excellent stability on high notes.
HR-31B 17.47 3.90 Medium inner rim diameter with a “V” cup for a “traditional” soft horn tone. High volume over a wide range. A good match for horns with a narrow bell.
HR-31D4 17.28 4.50 Heavy tone and high volume. Relatively flat rim of medium thickness for easy playability.
HR-32B 17.67 3.90 Large inner rim diameter for outstanding lownote tone. Largest “V” cup in the lineup. Rich, mellow tone.
HR-32C4 17.48 3.98 Plenty of volume. Relatively flat rim of medium thickness for easy playability.
HR-32D4 17.48 4.50 Largest double-cup in the lineup. Also ideal for Wagnerian tuba. Large cup volume for a dark, heavy sound and easy low notes.
HR-33C4 17.68 3.98 Large “U” cup. Can deliver a big, expansive sound. For advanced players.
HR-34B 18.07 3.90 Largest “V” cup in the lineup. Happy sound and low notes. For advanced players.
HR-34C 17.81 4.09 Plenty of volume. U cup for powerful performance. Relatively thin rim for easier high notes.
HR-34C4 17.88 3.98 Plenty of volume. “U” cup for powerful performance.
HR-35C4 18.08 3.98 Largest “U” cup in the lineup. Can deliver a heavy sound. Suitable for large orchestras.

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    Yamaha 29D4 Review

    Posted by Vince Russo on May 8th 2020

    Upgraded to a 29D4 upon Ken Pope's recommendation. The diameter of the cup as well as the width of the rim feels natural and well proportioned on my embouchure. The deep cup allows for a deep resonant sound on my Geyer wrapped horn with clarity, centered pitch, and improved accuracy. Comfortable and satisfying to play upon which inspires one to be more confidence while playing on outer edges of one's range and dynamics threshold. A very satisfying pre-sales, purchase, and post sales experience with Ken. Thank you Ken. All may fee free to reach out for additional comment/questions. -Vince Russo