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Ricco Kuhn W293


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Kuhn 293
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  • Double Horn F/Bb
  • Yellow Brass
  • lacquered
  • String Linkage
  • Detachable Bell
  • No Case Included

Traditional Ricco Kühn horns are essentially based on the design of Reissmann/Börner models. In the course of development however the design of the tapered parts has been modified to conform to the latest advances in knowledge.  They have a pleasant resistance, a light, even response in all registers and a thrilling, huge, noble sound, from piano through to fortissimo. Soft slurs are as easy to play as a precise articulation.

F/Bb- full double horn, model “Reißmann”

The model W 293 is a real best seller of Ricco Kühn horns. In our opinion this Knopf/Geyer or Reißmann model is the most beautiful one in relation to the design. This is also coursed by the F extension without those tied bows and by the corpus which is maybe the most similar double horn to the natural horn.

All in all this horn was improved continuously and corresponds to the current state of knowledge. It is especially convincing with it’s continuously response over the complete range and its beautiful sound from piano to fortissimo with perfect articulation.

The small switch valve has complete air passing and enables smooth bindings without disturbing noises when switching between Bb and F.