Used Horns

Alexander Compensating Descant Bb/High F w/Muting Valve - $3500

Alexander Compensating Descant Bb/High F w/Muting Valve - $3500
Alexander Compensating Descant Bb/High F w/Muting Valve - $3500
Price: $3,500.00

Compensating descant horns are rare. What sets compensating horns apart from standard doubles is weight. Because the air has to travel through the valves twice to play in the lower key (Bb), the valves need to be tight. With this horn the compression reading is 1.9, which is fabulous when you consider that the air has basically traveled through the equivalent of 10 valves. This horn is made of unlacquered red brass, has one small guard on the top of the horn where you pick it up. Perfect for that next B-minor mass gig. Red MB1 copy included. $3500

Alexander Compensating Descant Bb/High F- $5000

Alexander Descant Bb/High F Compensating
Descant Alexander Compensating Bb/High F
Price: $5,000.00

Compensating horns are an interesting beast. They depend on tight valves in order to play well. This one registers a 1.2 on the compression scale and is in fine condition, made out of red/gold brass. It includes an F extension valve and a Bb stopping valve. No longer made by Alexander, this model is rarely on the market and is a good choice for those Bach Cantatas. This horn was custom made for Tom Newell, who was the 3rd horn player of the Boston Symphony in the 1960s/70s, and has his name engraved on the bell. Own a piece of history. $5000. Alexander fixed bell case included.

Alexander Single Bb w/Stopping Valve & F Extension - $2850

Alexander Single Bb w/Stopping Valve & F Extension - $2850
Alexander Single Bb w/Stopping Valve & F Extension - $2850
Price: $2,850.00

A perfect chamber horn due to it's light weight, the Alexander Single Bb's are a delight to play. This one is made of nickel (very tarnished, due to a long period of storage) and is in quite fine condition. A good polish and you'll have a wonderful horn. The valve compression is great measuring a '1' across 5 valves (8 is the worst possible score). Alexander Fixed bell case is included.

Cost: $2850

Alexander Single Bb with stopping valve #25311 - $4500

Alexander Single Bb with stopping valve
Alexander Bb Single with stopping valve
Price: $4,500.00

The Alexander single Bb horn has much the same advantage of lightness that the single F horn offers. Single Bb horns are highly prized by “high” hornists because they can make strenuous challenges in opera or concert that much easier. Typically, single Bb horns will be found in chamber music and solo situations. This lacquered horn is in NEW condition, and sports an excellent 0.1 on the compression testing machine (the best possible score!!). This horn also has a stopping valve. Alexander fixed bell case included. $4500

Amati Double Horn (Lidl Style) - $1800

Amati Double Horn (Lidl Style) - $1800
Price: $1,800.00

Lidl style Amati Double French Horn - very unusual wrap, in excellent condition.

Cost: $1800.00

Besson BE702 #11655 $995

Besson BE702 Double Horn
Besson BE 702 Double Horn
Price: $995.00

This Besson 702 double french horn combines the tone quality of an F horn in the middle and low register and the security of a Bb horn in the high register. It's an affordable alternative to a Chinese model, made by Lidl in the Czech-Republic. This horn reads a 2.1 on the compression testing machine. This horn is listed for over $2,000 new. No case included. $995

Conb 8D (Elkhart) #N46609 - $3800

Conn 8D Double Horn (Elkhart)
Conn 8D Elkhart Double
Price: $3,800.00

Conn8Ds are a staple horn in the American tradition, and this 8D is no exception. The horn is in good condition and registers a 1.3 on the compression meter. Conn detachable bell case included. $3800.

Conn 28D (Elkhart) #421303 - $4500

French Horn Conn 28D
French Horn Conn 28D
Price: $4,500.00

This reconditioned 28D is in excellent condition. The valves have been rebuilt giving it a compression reading of 1.2. It's got a new bell and leadpipe on it making this Elkhart 28D fully rejuvenated. Conn Fixed Bell Case included.

Cost: $4500

Conn 6D #GL740040 - $1495

Conn 6D #GL740040 - $1495
Conn 6D #GL740040 - $1495
Price: $1,495.00

The Conn 6D has been a workhorse for almost 100 years in the horn playing world. Many pros used them early in their careers. This 6D is a perfect and affordable beginning double horn. The valves have pretty good compression and though the horn is full of dings it plays just fine. Don't waste your money on a rental instrument. Conn fixed bell case is included.

Cost: $1495.00