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Pizka Hega Classic


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Pizka LD
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If you like the sound of the Vienna horns - this would be the instrument for you. This fixed bell, lacquered Pizka has a custom removable leadpipe and plays great. Here's what Hans has to say about this model: "I guarantee, that the brass sheet used for the leadpipe has never been cleaned by the use of any acidic solution! The metal is not stretched or stressed when pressed upon the mandrel as the leadpipe is not made from ready made tubes but from specially sheet metal cut to fit the required dimensions bent in lead". The bell section is made of a one piece mushroom shaped flat brass sheet, bent together, soldered, softened & brought to the final form by traditional methods. The bending is done traditionally with the lead filled bell section. The total weight of the instrument: 2.750 grs (less than 92 ounces or five pounds), so not to be the lightest nor the heaviest horn. Even the weight, resulting from the 0.5-mms strong sheet metal, which is down at 0.45-mms after the final polishing, has its advantage. It helps preventing the sound from breaking away in the higher dynamics and it makes the horn more resistant against wear. There is a new feature on this horn: the leadpipe is shortened at the front end so to force the player to hold the horn more upright resulting in a better angle between the leadpipe-mouthpiece-axis and the teeth. Wonder how the sound will improve by this trick? The yellow brass leadpipe will produce a very mellow sound, the sound of the nickel silver leadpipe is more penetrating in the higher dynamics but still extremely soft where necessary.Tthe sterling silver gives the shiny velvet sound, which I prefer, but requires a bit more work for the first four weeks. The horn comes with some nice decorations, as the valve keys are with mother-in-pearl inlay & will not become slippery during the concert even in a very hot area. The valve cap nipples & the back screws have the same decoration. All at no extra charge. Black plastic case included.

Cost: $7000.00