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Pirozzi, Edoardo - 12 Chorales

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Pirozzi 12 Chorales
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Pirozzi, Edoardo
Twelve Chorales from the Evangelical Hymn Book
for 4 horns

How should I receive you 11
With joy tender to this ride 108
Now rejoice the Lord, all the world EG 288, GL 144
Praise the Lord, the Mighty King EG 317, GL 392
Now thank God, GL 405
Now thank you all and bring EWhr EG 322, GL 403
I sing it with heart and mouth 324
Jesus my joy 396
Evening has come, night will soon come 487
Now all praise God's mercy 502
Rejoice greatly, O my soul 524
Let us go to the table of the Lord 578
Variations on Jesu meine Freude, freely adapted from J.S. stream
A little child in Bethlehem
Chorale loosely based on an English hymn