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Paxman 60M Bb/Bb descant #108411 SN


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Paxman 60M Bb/Bb descant #108411 SN
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Paxman made very few Double descant horns (Bb with a Bb descant) but those who purchased them know how incredibly useful they are.  I still recall how Chuck Kavalovski used his throughout his tenure as principal horn in the BSO.  Typically nerve wracking entrances are easy given that the descant side of the horn is only about 4 1/2 feet long therefore the partials are quite wide apart.  
This one is all original with the exception of the added 3rd waterkey and a duck's foot.  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass and has a fixed bell. The compression is fabulous reading 1.0 across 5 valves.  It has a few minor dings and lots of tarnish but there are no issues and there is a LOT of upsides!  
Even playing just the 'low Bb' side of the horn is simple and one feels like they don't even need to use the descant because of the lightness of this horn.  Made in 1984 this horn has all its life ahead of it.  

Oh, PLUS it comes with an F extension so you can either use the 5th valve as a stopping valve or as an F extension therefore having the full range of a triple horn in a way.

Blue Paxman fixed bell case included.