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Paxman 23L #3972T DM


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Paxman 23L #3972T DM
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Paxman introduced the model 23 in 1999 and it was a huge hit. They were looking for a Geyer/Knopf style design which also incorporated their own spin on it and they succeeded.  Paxman horns do have an amazing sound - just listen to the CD called 'The London Horn Sound' and you'll know what I mean.  There's a reason that almost every orchestra in the world has Paxman horns somewhere in their stable of instruments.  This model 23 is made of lacquered yellow brass.  It has titanium valves and a great compression score of 0.6.  The case - it's a monster of a case meant to be used when checking your horn as luggage. (Think of those cases you see at rock concerts used to transport electronics).  You wouldn't want to use it for daily transportation unless you're built like Hulk Hogan.
The horn is in overall very good condition.  Just a few tiny dings in the body (I could only find 2) and a couple small ones in the detachable flare.  A flipper has been added for comfort, and, of course, the model 23 has a Bb tuning slide.  The 'L' means this is a larger belled instrument so it counters that typically brighter sound of Geyer/Knopf horns.

This is truly an orchestra horn!