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Mozart, W.A. - Twelve Duets Kv. 487 (KV496a) for 2 horns

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Mozart 12 Duets KOBL
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Twelve Duets (12 Duets) Kv. 487 (KV496a) - performance score
for 2 horns with the Mozart CD by German Hornsound

from the german horn sound series

contains the original version of the 12 duets and the transposed version.

including the CD Mozart 12 Duets for Two Feench Horns by German Hornsound

The twelve duets KV487 (KV496a) represent a fascinating chapter in Mozart's oeuvre for horn. The manuscript is dated January 27, 1786 and was written in Vienna at the same time as his Singspiel Der Schauspieldirektor. 
The duets are said to be transcriptions of earlier duets for two violins, possibly originally intended for two basset horns, Mozart's favorite special form of clarinet. The version for two horns, published about ten years after Mozart's death by the Viennese Bureau d'Arts et d'Indus