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Messner, Manfred - Hornschule V2

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Messner Hornschule V2
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Messner, Manfred

Manni learns Horn - Horn School Band 2

Horn in F

Continuation of the successful Horn School by Manfred Messner. 

The second volume of the Horn School "Manni learn Horn" is the 
continuation of the first volume. You can 
easily continue playing with the F-Horn in the second volume If a student 
fulfills the requirements (height) to switch to a 
double horn, he can now 
start with the B-horn. For the change to the double horn I recommend to continue playing 
from the little fis to the painted G on the F-horn 
and to 
use the B-horn only from the gis 
On page 94, you can learn to transpose in "ES". Depending on 
your needs, you can also start learning the game earlier
Start transposing. 
Starting on page 100, you will find practice 
drills that you should do every day for rehearsing and warming up. There are then also to 
all the scales that you learn in the book, additional exercises that I 
recommend you to play regularly. The goal should be to 
memorize all the scales. 
Have fun playing horns! 
Manfred Messner