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MB Travel Bag With Room for Detachable Horn

Marcus Bonna

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MB Travel
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Whether you're an international soloist who is constantly on the road or an angsty high school band member looking to run away with your horn, this case is for you! All kidding aside, this case really is worth checking out. It comes with a roomy inside compartment for both your horn and some extra travelling supplies, such as clothes, shoes, or a toiletry bag. With the zipper compartments on the exterior of the case, there should be more than enough room for everything you'd need for the weekend (including your horn). There are wheels on the bottom with a retractable suitcase handle, just like a regular suitcase. The handle is also completely detachable, allowing you to use the included backpack straps and carry it around without having the handle dig into your back. It fits most horns with ease but before purchasing it'd be safe to give us a call or email so we can be sure. $695.

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