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Manske, Gunter - Horn Quartets - 53 Quartets - Volume 1

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Manske Quartets V. 1
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Manske, Gunter
Horn Quartets - 53 Quartets - Volume 1
for 4 horns only voices!

Collection of romantic melodies from opera, operetta and folk songs
Impression of the original manuscript by Günter Manske.
A very diverse and interesting collection with very well set and arranged titles from operas, operettas and folk songs


1 potpourri from the opera "Martha" by Flotow
2 Heidenröslein by Werner
3 Evensong of Adam
4 Reiters Morgengesang Volkslied, edited: Wohlgemuth
5 motifs from the opera "Martha" by Flotow
6 songs from the opera "Martha" by Flotow
7 potpourri from the opera "Der Freischütz" by Weber
8 The Hunter Farewell to Mendelsohn
9 infidelity of Silcher
10 The little church in Becker
11 The Lime Tree by Schubert
12 The faithful German heart of Otto
13 Lorelei von Silcher
14 Shepherd's Sunday song by Kreutzer
15 Faithful Love by folk song
16 The Swiss from Silcher
17 The Night by Schubert
18 The chapel (What shimmers there on the mountain) by Kreutzer 19 The chapel (The chapel is up there) by Kreutzer
20 In the distance from Silcher
21 Witt's wish
22 hunting call from Gierschner
23 Ännchen von Tharau von Silcher
24 Wanderings of tax collectors
25 Lützow's wild hunt by Weber
26 The soldier from Silcher
27 Through the forest of Schäffer
28 serenaded by Marschner
29 Friendship and Love by Flemming
30 Farewell from Silcher
31 Evening party by Kreutzer
32 Hymn to the Night by van Beethoven
33 evening party by Attenhofer
34 What to do with the joy? Silcher
35 Knight's farewell to Kinkel
36 Idyll (Opus 4c) by Nauber
37 From Raecke's youth
38 Rondino (Opus 4b) by Nauber
39 In the Forest (Opus 2b) by Nauber
40 Two little flowers by Schrader have blossomed
41 Rondo (Opus 8a) by Nauber
42 Serenades (Opus 8b) by Nauber
43 Hunter's Lust (Opus 9b) by Nauber
44 Nocturno (Opus 5a) by Neuber
45 opera melodies potpourri by Nauber
46 Morning Mood (Opus 2c) by Nauber
47 The beautiful salvation by Neidhardt
48 The picture of the rose by Reichhardt
49 In May by Jürgens
50 In the forest of Marschner
51 The Distant Ones by Schubert
52 Fairy Tales by Komzack
53 Lament from a folk song