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Lawson Fourier #1378 AH


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Lawson Fourier #1378 AH
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Lawson horns in this condition are rare and becoming more rare by the day.  This is an Ambronze Fourier model.  It has had only 1 owner (for whom it was made) and was beautifully taken care of.  It's all original, the valve compression is PERFECT (0.1) and it needs nothing done to play it now.  This horn has a HUGE sound - it doesn't get edgy early unlike many lighter horns.  It was made in 2000 at the original Boonsboro Maryland workshop.  A few tiny dings here and there, and some lacquer wear but overall in great condition.  At their peak I think that Lawson was making fewer than 20 horns a year - so there aren't that many of them out there.

Grab this while you can!

Galax (MB1 style) case included.