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Laetsch, Gaby - Happy Alphorn - Shot and Easy solos and duets for Alphorn

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Laetsch Happy Alphorn
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Why short, easy solos and duets?
My students are to blame!
Masters don't just fall out of the sky, and every beginning is often difficult. The desire to go out into the open with just a few notes and to want to play real pieces is extremely commendable and should be supported. But play WHAT?
The meanwhile considerable and diverse range of alphorn literature becomes smaller if the following abilities and wishes of the musicians are to be taken into account:
- short and catchy pieces (condition, rhythmic & melodic nothing exotic)
- only up to a certain pitch and also with lower passages - varied (not always similar)
- want to play a story (narrative)
- Solo pieces (a Gspänli is often missing)
- also level-enhancing for advanced learners
- Pieces that are also suitable for auditions or small concerts. I was not always able to serve with such a considerable range of wishes right away. (Writing is also more fun for me than searching.) This is how one piece after the other came about, depending on the student at different levels. Almost all character pieces are titles and interpretative clues give it away.
With the exception of three G flat / F horn pieces, all are basically solo pieces, but most with an optional second part. This means that in class with the teacher or if there is a group of friends, music can be played in an interesting way in pairs. The tips, exercises and musical explanations in the appendix are the result of many years of pedagogical experience and can be used as a supplement at home or in class.