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Kuhn 313X Descant Horn (High F/Eb Convertible w/Slides) - $9250


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I recently filled a 'special' order for one of these horns and was so impressed that I've decided to add them on my site. The 313X Descant (interchangable between High F, or Eb) is a gorgeously crafted instrument and it plays like a dream. The price on the one pictured includes the engraved garland.

Here's the specs on it from Ricco's site: 

  • Compact body size, pleasant ergonomic handling
  • Separated conical tuning slide for descant part of the horn
  • With using of an additional high Eb set playable as full F/Bb/high Eb triple horn
  • Full length mouthpipe at Bb part of the horn
  • A-/ stop valve, with optional F natural slide

Cost: $9250