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Hesse, Marian - Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player

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Hesse Daily Student
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Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player provides your students with a systematic way to develop and maintain their fundamental horn skills. To use this book, students should play one routine a day; since there are 8 routines, students can choose a different routine each day in order to have variety from day to day. Each of the eight routines follows the same format: the first drill is long tones and mouthpiece buzzing; the second is crescendo and diminuendo; the third is lip slurs; the fourth is accuracy and dynamic changes; the fifth is alternating tongued and slurred between intervals; the sixth is tonguing (first on one note and then moving around); the seventh and final drill is high and low playing. By applying these "skill categories" as a template to each routine, students are sure to develop all of their skills equally, regardless of which routine is played.