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Gardner, Randy - Good Vibrations

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Gardner Good Vibrations
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Randy Gardner is one of the most respected performers and professor known to the 'horn world'.    His other publications are used world wide - and this newest one: 'Good Vibrations' will prove to be a 'must have' for every brass player.  Good Vibrations is not simply for horn players, but for ALL brass players.

Gail Williams (Former Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and current Northwestern Horn Professor) says it best:  

Randy Gardner has written one of the most significant books on brass pedagogy of the 21st Century!  Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Playerswill be a reference guide for many decades to all brass players.  The book not only give us basics, articulations, tone, dynamics, endurance, range suggestions but the “how to” practice these most important skills to develop our brass playing and our students and the next generation of brass players.

I give my highest and most enthusiastic endorsement of Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players.  I can’t wait to have this book in my practice room and studio.