French, Rose - Range Songs For Horn

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French Range Songs
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Range Songs For Horn - French Rose. $21.95.

Publisher - Mountain Peak Music

Rangesongs for Horn by Rose French is appropriate for high school through professional horn players.

Rangesongs develops your high and low ranges by using target notes in a musical context to encourage you to move your air properly. For the high range, Rangesongsoffers sixty-five songs designed to improve your range and endurance systematically by using two strategies: the phrases within each song are specifically composed to build melodically to a designated target note, providing a compelling musical incentive to support the tone with the proper air speed; and the songs proceed chromatically to reach a high C for gradual improvement. For the low range,Rangesongs offers thirty songs to extend the range downward in the same fashion to a low G.

"The folks at Mountain Peak Music have come out with another excellent publication, a horn version of Rangesongs. There are other books out there that deal with range, but I’ve not seen very many that approach its development in such a thoughtful, systematic way. As with everything else I’ve seen from this publisher, Rangesongs for Horn is a quality product and is highly recommended. I’ve already started using it in lessons this semester, and am eager to see how students respond to it." - James Boldin, Professor of Horn, University of Louisiana - Monroe