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Donaldson - Horn Accessory Shelf

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Horn Shelf Donaldson
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Made exclusively for horn players this hand made accessory shelf caters to all a horn player's needs. It's got two hide-a-way mute clips (they slip under the shelf if you don't need one or either of them), it's got storage for your 3 pencils (one for marking music, one for your crossword puzzles, and one to lend to the 3rd hornist). It's felt covered wooden shelf protects everything you set there - your slides, your mouthpieces, it's truly a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship. Lastly the attachment mechanism for the stand is extremely well thought out. The rear wooden bar lifts up for quick removal. These shelfs are perfect for your studio or show/opera pit. This is one of those 'Gotta Have' things for all hornists.

Cost: $60.00