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My First Blog.......

My First Blog.......

Posted by Ken on Nov 20th 2016

Welcome to all my fellow Horn friends, and welcome to those I have yet to meet.  I've met so many of you throughout the years at various horn conferences, concerts, and shop visits.  Hopefully this coming year I'll get to meet more of you.  That means you'll have to get yourself to one of the upcoming Horn workshops or symposiums.  A complete list of them is available at the International Horn Society page.  I'm assuming you're a member there?  If not....SIGN UP!

Next:  Welcome to my new Website.  My old site was 'charming' but quickly becoming outdated due to its platform.
I'm certain there will be glitches to overcome on the new one, but be patient with me!  (I'm writing this during a rehearsal).

ALSO!, if you have youtube videos of yourself playing a piece I sell, (Or a horn, or mute,,, ) I'll happily link that video to the piece.  Send it to me!