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Bach, Jan - French Suite (for Douglas Hill) for Solo Unaccompanied Horn

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Bach, Jan French Suite
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French Suite (for Douglas Hill) for Solo Unaccompanied Horn by Jan Bach.

Publisher - Cimarron Music Press.

Notes from the composer, Jan Bach:

"My French Suite was written under a set of unusual circumstances. During the writing of my Concerto for Horn in early 1982, I learned that Douglas Hill, horn instructor at the University of WIsconsin-Madison, had written a book describing unusual extended horn techniques, and I wondered if I might be able to utilize some of the technqiues in my concerto. The book was not yet published, but Doug offered to send me a pre-publication copy if I would write a solo horn piece for him to premiere at the International Horn Workshop in France that summer. Knowing that the more famous Bach had writte solo suites for violin and cello and had also written a series of French Suites for keyboard, and knowing that the horn is usually reffered to as the French horn, the title of the work and its four characteristic movements immediatly came to mind. I was able to utilize several of Doug's techniques!"