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Agrell, Jeffrey - Preparatory Kopprasch: Horn Etudes

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Agrell Preparatory Kopprash
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Preparatory Kopprasch: Horn Etudes (Millenium Kopprasch Series), Jeffrey Agrell

The most popular all-time etude collection for horn are the 60 Etudes (op. 6) by German hornist and composer Georg Kopprasch (c. 1800 – c. 1850). Kopprasch etudes are part of the education of every horn player, and are widely used by low brasses as well. These etudes are sometimes first encountered by high school level players; more often the player is in college before undertaking them. Kopprasch etudes contain the basics of horn technique, that is, scales and arpeggios, but at a level that is well beyond the ability of novice players.

Enter Preparatory Kopprasch. This new volume takes the spirit and general approach of the original and provides “stepping stone” etudes for young players by reducing the range and length of the originals, and occasionally making other adjustments to enable novice players to experience the material similar to the original Kopprasch etudes. Players who use this preparatory material will very likely be ready and able to tackle the original Kopprasch etudes much earlier and more easily than before.