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Pinc Double Horn #MRB


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Pinc Double EA
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Ron Pinc is well known in the Chicago area and players have been flocking to him for decades.  This is one of his rare double horns he made with Thomas Travers (while at Schilke) from the estate of a local professional player.  It's built upon a YHR 867 base and sports Ron's signature leadpipe.  The bell has been silver plated, and 4 Amado waterkeys have been added as well.  The valves have been converted to a ball and socket setup - no more worrying about broken strings!  A number of patches/guards have been expertly applied - (3 by the left hand, and 5 by the right hand).  The compression is fabulous reading 0.9.  This is a fabulous playing Knopf style horn. 
A brown detachable bell suitcase style case is included