Yamaha YHR867 #1019


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Yamaha YHR867 1019 SF
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Following up on the huge success of the Geyer wrap 861, the 867 showed that Yamaha was making top quality horns for true professionals.  The horns are hard to find on the used market as owners do not want to part with them.
This one has sat, unplayed, for a long time (thus the perfect compression rating of 0.1).  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass and is all original.  There are no thin spots and no evidence of any major work, just a few minor dings here and there (one slightly deeper one on the 1st F slide).  This knopf wrap is more comfortable for most players than the standard Geyer wrap in that it moves the valves a little further from the left hand, thus no over curling of your fingers to place them on the levers.  This horn has its entire life ahead of it.
Reunion Blues cordura gig bag included.