Yamaha YHR 892DU #001262


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YHR 892 JDR 001262
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Yamaha makes some of the best playing (and best made!) horns available.  This 892 full triple has the optional stopping valve and a Ron Pinc flipper.  The stopping slide has custom braces added (they're usually 2 separate slides which makes removal a pain!).  The horn has been thoroughly cleaned and is in almost perfect condition.  I could only find a few small dings in the bell flare.
It can be quickly changed to sit in either F or Bb.  Made of unlacquered yellow brass (slides tubes and receivers are nickel, the leadpipe is gold brass) it is a fabulous orchestral horn.  The high F side is a great form of 'insurance' when you have to confront those touchy passages.  (Think: Ravel Piano Concerto!).
The compression is fabulous at 1.1 across 5 valves.  

Yamaha Detachable bell case included