Yamaha YHR 891 Triple Horn (L bore) #1188LL

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Yamaha YHR 891 MH
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This triple horn by Yamaha is in wonderful condition.  The compression over 5 valves is 1.1 (GREAT!).  This is a lacquered horn with a fixed 'large' bell.  There are some minor dings and some scratches in the lacquer, but other than that it is in great condition.

When you have a triple horn you have no fear! :)  
This horn comes with a fixed bell Yamaha case.


These are 'custom' horns (made to order) of the highest quality.
Here are the specs:


Custom Horn; key of F/Bb/high F; "Triple"; .472" bore; 12-1/8" medium large throat; yellow brass; hand-hammered bell; 5 hollow rotary valves; patented 4th rotor "Dual Plane Valve